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All is as it should be!

You heard it here first!  Actually, its what I heard this morning spoken very clearly(in my head)  just before I woke up – “All is as it should be.” Pretty cool, huh?

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Utilitarian Things

Oooh!   Found another great example of a utilitarian object elevated by someones creativity and attention to detail.  There’s a shop near me — The HoneyBee, that features wonderful clothing, jewelry, etc.  The building and landscaping is fabulous.  Overall, it’s … Continue reading

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Fabric Obsession and my 10,000 Hours

If you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Outliers he refers to the 10,000 hours theory (as it relates to success.)  After I read it the main thing I could say that I had accumulated a ton of hours doing (that … Continue reading

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The Tents!

Watched a great documentary on Netflix last night.  The Tents recounts the history of the tents in Bryant Park fashion week!  Fascinating!   Highly recommend!

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