Poor Woman’s Stained Glass

Beauty and Utility

Beauty and Utility


You often hear of bottle trees as being a poor man’s stained glass, but I can do better than that!  Take a look at our winter window covering in our living room!  The “stained glass” part is a coverlet that my Grandmother and Great Grandmother made many years ago.

We usually leave this window pretty minimally covered as it is on the back side of our house and privacy is not an issue.  A couple of years ago when below freezing weather hit I went scrambling for something big enough to cover that wide expanse of window and the coverlet fit the bill.

Most of the colorful squares are of a wide wale corduroy that have been joined together with crochet. I can’t believe the wide range of colors they were able to come up with!  It makes me smile every time I look at it.  During the day the light comes thru in such a charming way and at night it makes the room super cozy!

I loved the piece before simply for the creativity and artistry that went into but finding an unexpected and oh so practical use for it makes me very happy!


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