Let me call you Sweetheart!

Sweetheart PincushionSometimes when I see just that perfect item that embodies everything I love about fiber, handmade and needlework it just takes my breath away!  Saw this lovely this morning on Facebook.  It was shared by Raina’s Textile House with the following info:

This “Sweetheart Pincushion” was on my mind in felting class today…it was made by a British soldier in World War I, while they rested or convalesced behind the lines…(there was a kit that nurses gave to soldiers to “craft.”)

I‘m definitely a sucker for vintage pincushions.  When I was a child my great grandmother made pincushions by recycling tuna cans!  The finished pincushion looked like a chair.  She would bend the lid up at a 45 degree angle and cover the whole thing with fabric.  In my mind they were covered in velvet but in reality it may have been some more commonplace material.  Either way, they were really magical to me! 


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