Utilitarian Things


Oooh!   Found another great example of a utilitarian object elevated by someones creativity and attention to detail.  There’s a shop near me — The HoneyBee, that features wonderful clothing, jewelry, etc.  The building and landscaping is fabulous.  Overall, it’s a very creative inspiring place.  On my first visit there a couple of years ago, I immediately noticed they had fabulous muslin covers for ALL the hangers in the store!  Upon questioning one of the owners about them, she told me that her Mother made them!

The HoneyBee in Smyrna, GA

After posting a pic of my own hanger collection yesterday, I immediately recalled the aforementioned ones.  I ran by there yesterday and took a couple of quick photos.    It’s definitely one of those things I’d like to “get around to” doing for myself but have not.

Please note the detail gathering on the cover!

Enjoy and be inspired!


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