Adventures in Collecting


Not sure when I officially became a collector of things but back in the day (when I lived alone) it was a bit out of hand.  Nowadays my desire and opportunity is not the same as it once was which is a more calm restful place to be.  That said, there are still some things I allow myself to collect.  One of these items is the humble clothes hanger.  Not just any clothes hangers, though!   I am quite simply thrilled when I spot a well worn, gently loved vintage covered clothes hanger.  The colors are so faded and wonderful on the vintage ones.  The crocheted ones are so intricately amazing!  It’s no accident that I am so turned on by the consummate utilitarian item futzed over to the nth degree!

Here is a small sampling of my “collection”.  Many more are sprinkled throughout my closet.  Enjoy and be forewarned  – don’t get in my way when I spot these at the local Goodwill!


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