FolkFest 2012

Well, another FolkFest has come and gone and with it my voice!  This always, always happens!!!   I am not the chattiest of persons so the fact that I feel like I’ve been talking for four days non-stop is significant.

FolkFest definitely has no equal.  The artists/friends/patrons comprise such a cast of characters it defies description.  Alright, let’s just call it a Love Fest and be done with it, okay?

All that gushing done, this show did not disappoint.  As always, I met and made some new friends, mourned the passing of some and missed others who just didn’t or couldn’t make it this year.

Paul and I probably did the least agonizing, arguing, planning of our shared 15 ft booth ever and yet somehow in the end we were pleased.  We even made last minute lighting fixtures for the space that were very well received.  An eleventh hour combination of drywall compound buckets, velcro, sheer fabric and small hanging mirrors made me feel like a contestant on Craft Wars!

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