Talking Tree!!

Paul and I travel so much doing art festivals that sometimes in the coming and going and going and coming I kind of forget some of the great things we see and do along the way.  Then, when I’m scrolling through pictures I come upon something I forgot all about.  This is true with the talking tree I “met” in Houston back in the Spring.  He was at the Bayou City Art Show and it was the coolest!   The show is in a wooded park and this guy in the greatest tree costume ever just kind moves slowly around thru the park and surprises the daylights out of everyone.  He even spoke in a very tree-like voice– kind of gruff and he was ever so manners-conscious.  He wouldn’t allow his picture to be made if the human in question wasn’t polite enough to ask first.  When he was asked he was incredibly gracious with his consent.  Needless to say, kids were fascinated if not a little scared.   It was probably one of the more charming things I’ve seen at a festival.  Well, that is

if you don’t count the champagne served at Greater Gulf Coast!!

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