Poor Woman’s Stained Glass

Beauty and Utility

Beauty and Utility


You often hear of bottle trees as being a poor man’s stained glass, but I can do better than that!  Take a look at our winter window covering in our living room!  The “stained glass” part is a coverlet that my Grandmother and Great Grandmother made many years ago.

We usually leave this window pretty minimally covered as it is on the back side of our house and privacy is not an issue.  A couple of years ago when below freezing weather hit I went scrambling for something big enough to cover that wide expanse of window and the coverlet fit the bill.

Most of the colorful squares are of a wide wale corduroy that have been joined together with crochet. I can’t believe the wide range of colors they were able to come up with!  It makes me smile every time I look at it.  During the day the light comes thru in such a charming way and at night it makes the room super cozy!

I loved the piece before simply for the creativity and artistry that went into but finding an unexpected and oh so practical use for it makes me very happy!


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Let me call you Sweetheart!

Sweetheart PincushionSometimes when I see just that perfect item that embodies everything I love about fiber, handmade and needlework it just takes my breath away!  Saw this lovely this morning on Facebook.  It was shared by Raina’s Textile House with the following info:

This “Sweetheart Pincushion” was on my mind in felting class today…it was made by a British soldier in World War I, while they rested or convalesced behind the lines…(there was a kit that nurses gave to soldiers to “craft.”)

I‘m definitely a sucker for vintage pincushions.  When I was a child my great grandmother made pincushions by recycling tuna cans!  The finished pincushion looked like a chair.  She would bend the lid up at a 45 degree angle and cover the whole thing with fabric.  In my mind they were covered in velvet but in reality it may have been some more commonplace material.  Either way, they were really magical to me! 


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There are two types of people in this world, people who dangle things from their rearview mirror and those who don’t!

I’m pretty sure this artist is a dangler!

Art Basel Nik Cave Assemblage

Nik Cave Assemblage

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All is as it should be!

You heard it here first!  Actually, its what I heard this morning spoken very clearly(in my head)  just before I woke up – “All is as it should be.”

Pretty cool, huh?


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Utilitarian Things


Oooh!   Found another great example of a utilitarian object elevated by someones creativity and attention to detail.  There’s a shop near me — The HoneyBee, that features wonderful clothing, jewelry, etc.  The building and landscaping is fabulous.  Overall, it’s a very creative inspiring place.  On my first visit there a couple of years ago, I immediately noticed they had fabulous muslin covers for ALL the hangers in the store!  Upon questioning one of the owners about them, she told me that her Mother made them!

The HoneyBee in Smyrna, GA

After posting a pic of my own hanger collection yesterday, I immediately recalled the aforementioned ones.  I ran by there yesterday and took a couple of quick photos.    It’s definitely one of those things I’d like to “get around to” doing for myself but have not.

Please note the detail gathering on the cover!

Enjoy and be inspired!


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Adventures in Collecting


Not sure when I officially became a collector of things but back in the day (when I lived alone) it was a bit out of hand.  Nowadays my desire and opportunity is not the same as it once was which is a more calm restful place to be.  That said, there are still some things I allow myself to collect.  One of these items is the humble clothes hanger.  Not just any clothes hangers, though!   I am quite simply thrilled when I spot a well worn, gently loved vintage covered clothes hanger.  The colors are so faded and wonderful on the vintage ones.  The crocheted ones are so intricately amazing!  It’s no accident that I am so turned on by the consummate utilitarian item futzed over to the nth degree!

Here is a small sampling of my “collection”.  Many more are sprinkled throughout my closet.  Enjoy and be forewarned  – don’t get in my way when I spot these at the local Goodwill!


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Miami Adventures


Paul prone

Paul prone

While in Miami earlier this month Paul and I happened across these benches.  The day was hot- we were in our last day of our Art Basel adventures and these benches looked really inviting.  They were extremely comfortable and as we were in the shade also, very hard to leave behind.   We only found out the intriguing story behind the benches after the fact…..


Teresa Margolles Benches

Teresa Margolles Benches

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FolkFest 2012

Well, another FolkFest has come and gone and with it my voice!  This always, always happens!!!   I am not the chattiest of persons so the fact that I feel like I’ve been talking for four days non-stop is significant.

FolkFest definitely has no equal.  The artists/friends/patrons comprise such a cast of characters it defies description.  Alright, let’s just call it a Love Fest and be done with it, okay?

All that gushing done, this show did not disappoint.  As always, I met and made some new friends, mourned the passing of some and missed others who just didn’t or couldn’t make it this year.

Paul and I probably did the least agonizing, arguing, planning of our shared 15 ft booth ever and yet somehow in the end we were pleased.  We even made last minute lighting fixtures for the space that were very well received.  An eleventh hour combination of drywall compound buckets, velcro, sheer fabric and small hanging mirrors made me feel like a contestant on Craft Wars!

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Talking Tree!!

Paul and I travel so much doing art festivals that sometimes in the coming and going and going and coming I kind of forget some of the great things we see and do along the way.  Then, when I’m scrolling through pictures I come upon something I forgot all about.  This is true with the talking tree I “met” in Houston back in the Spring.  He was at the Bayou City Art Show and it was the coolest!   The show is in a wooded park and this guy in the greatest tree costume ever just kind moves slowly around thru the park and surprises the daylights out of everyone.  He even spoke in a very tree-like voice– kind of gruff and he was ever so manners-conscious.  He wouldn’t allow his picture to be made if the human in question wasn’t polite enough to ask first.  When he was asked he was incredibly gracious with his consent.  Needless to say, kids were fascinated if not a little scared.   It was probably one of the more charming things I’ve seen at a festival.  Well, that is

if you don’t count the champagne served at Greater Gulf Coast!!

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The lad on the deck

He has flowers cascading from his head and cucumber vines winding up his legs!!!

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