Artist Statement

I love fabric and everything that goes with it- buttons, laces, trims and so on. For me arranging and re-arranging these items into a texturally rich creation is incredibly satisfying.

I also love old stuff, used stuff- stuff with a history, well loved, well-used, patina rich stuff!!!  Chichi rose (pronounced “she-she” by the way) is the result of the combination of these 2 loves.

In the last few years I realized I could greatly expand the variety and diversity of my fabrics, trim and embellishments by cutting up existing items – clothing, drapes, cushions, shoes to name a few.  I’ve even cut up a stuffed animal- please don’t tell!!

So now I freely collect all manner of wonderful STUFF and turn them into something else- namely bags and cuffs (for the moment…)
Each bag has interwoven stories because of the items I used to make it.  Friends and family play a vital role in bringing me materials and along with the materials, more stories. 

My hope is that my creations enjoy a new life and history with their new owner.  And so the stories go on…


Deborah Flack, February 2009