New for 2016...APRONS, APRONS, APRONS.


Welcome to Chichi, the website of Deborah Flack, maker of all things fiber.


The repurposed materials that Chichi Rose uses in her bags are salvaged from thrift stores, antique shops, donations from friends and such. Some were destined for the dump. The aesthetic of collecting items and moving them from the waste stream to fashion mainstream is inherent in each creation.

Each item has a theme based on the predominant recycled materials used. No two are alike. Chichi creates pieces that invoke a sense of beauty, nostalgia, sensuality and function - the result restoring treasured items to a renewed context of splendor.


Each item is carefully crafted by hand from repurposed materials. Unique designs are based on salvaged materials. Starting with a keen eye for editing, Chichi identifies salvageable properties of disparate treasures and links them back together with high quality contemporary stuff. The design is a time consuming process. The craftsmanship is a time consuming process.

Careful consideration is given to functionality and durability. Using the best practices and materials, Chichi Rose bags are built to last